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She then heads out for a morning swim with her husband Reece – either in her endless swimming pool or at the London Aquatic Centre in Stratford which she has now been granted access to. ‘We have the dream set up at the in-laws house that we can use for swim bike and run,’ Lucy says. ‘A normal week of training is a minimum of 20 hours when we’re just kind of ticking over and when we’re getting in to racing we will reach 30 hours or more of training a week,’ she says. ‘I missed that dedication of training for something, I missed racing so much – that was the biggest thing,’ Lucy says. There’s a boxing ring in the centre, which was used by Reece’s father when he was a professional boxer, and there are racing bikes hanging from the ceiling. ‘It used to be just spit and sawdust, with a real old boxing vibe gym, but we’ve done it up now and we love it in there. There she spent three weeks in a tiny boat watching more than twenty different bears go about their daily routine of hunting from the ocean What emerged is a fascinating insight into the behaviour of these often maligned animals in their natural habitat.

Pin on Navy WAVES But Lucy is more than well equipped to take on the challenge, and indeed her competitive streak has been in her blood ever since she was little. And despite being able to feed the lions and penguins, Lucy quickly started to miss competing and signed up for her first Ironman. Lucy became hooked after her first Ironman in Bolton and the rest is history. After her swim, Lucy returns home for her second breakfast which is normally poached eggs and avocado on toast. Lucy’s morning alarm rings at 5am when she jumps out of bed to wolf down her first breakfast of the day which usually consists of porridge or peanut butter on bagels with banana. At one end of the ‘cave’ there’s a cardio area which consists of treadmills, a cross-trainer and turbo trainers that work by turning a normal bike into a static exercise machine. With the coming of 2012 surviving is going to be an issue with many people due to many stories going about regarding the coming of the end of the world. At the other end of the pain cave is an endless pool, which costs £40,000 on average.

The average time it takes to complete is 12 and a half hours. If released in a short time span by sudden warming, underwater methane releases could quickly bounce the average global temperature up by another 0.6°C (1°F), with catastrophic consequences. DSL, short for digital subscriber line, is second only to satellite internet in terms of availability, reaching nearly 89% of US residents. Modelling by the Government’s Spi-M group suggested there was a possibility of hospital admissions reaching the heights of the first peak in March 2020 if the relaxation went ahead on Monday. Profitability is also down from pre-pandemic levels and costs are up, the association said, and 65 per cent said their total sales volume in March was lower than pre-COVID-19 times. I had been trying to fix this on issue after issue since earlier in March. In South Africa, meanwhile, Covid-19 infections jumped by 13,246 on Wednesday — the highest daily total in five months, the government said. The Victorian government will move to extend its state of emergency powers until December 15, as more workers will be able to return to offices within days. Her mini Jack Russell terrier Lola will be dutifully joining Lucy and her husband Reece for their scheduled 11 mile Saturday training run through Epping Forest, legs going ten to the dozen.

It’s here that 90 per cent of Lucy’s rigorous training takes place. However, it’s not just Lucy’s sheer determination that drives her on, she also has a secret weapon in the form of her ‘pain cave’. Following the heartbreak, Lucy started a job in marketing at Paradise Wildlife Park, a zoo in Hertfordshire where Lucy’s parents had their wedding reception. ‘Ever since I was young I’ve always been searching for what the hardest sporting event is,’ Lucy says. When we were quite young we would make up a list of challenges for the summer holidays and whoever completed the most would win,’ she says. ‘We obviously eat quite a lot because we burn a lot of calories,’ Lucy says. ‘I’ve always been in search for the hardest challenge and where my limits are and how quick I can go over a certain distance,’ Lucy says. The landmark sporting challenge will take place in Spring 2022 and will give Lucy the chance to go down in Ironman history – and put her well and truly at the top of her game. And while Lucy does struggle some days to get out of bed like the rest of us, it’s rare she will ever miss a training session.

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